Estate Planning

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We focus on the simple but essential tools used to protect your family’s hard-earned savings. People often think that wills and trusts are needed only if you are elderly or have a lot of wealth. But young people, individuals and families, need to plan for the future, and even modest savings can be lost to probate taxes or expensive family disputes.

Estate planning isn’t just about an “estate”, here are some issues we can help with:

  1. Using simple documents to give gifts to family and charity
  2. Making sure your children are protected by the guardians and caregivers of your choice if anything should happen to you.
  3. Setting up simple but necessary emergency documents to take careof your medical needs and finances if you are injured or can’t sign for yourself.
  4. Making sure that the money you saved for your family, and your house or business, isn’t reduced by unnecessary taxes or legal fees.
  5. Making sure that diverse families have access to all the legal protections of estate planning, for every family.

It can be very difficult to talk about the possibilities of illness or loss. But if you haven’t set up a plan for yourself or your family, we encourage you to ask us questions. We hope to help your family grow and prosper over time.