Don’t Forget Your City License

Small business tips - SandGarden Law Group Don’t Forget Your City License

A lot of small businesses who don’t have a public storefront (such as service businesses) don’t think they need a city business license. In these cash-strapped times, cities are scouring the internet, print advertisements, Chamber of Commerce rolls, and doing-business-as applications for any sign of new businesses, and are hunting them down for not having city business licenses.

You may need multiple licenses if you do business in multiple locations, although “doing business” in a city is more than just taking a meeting there. A lot of business shop around for the cheapest city, but you should be aware of the rules about how to decide which city you should be licensed in.

Also, if you work from home, be careful not to classify yourself as a “home business” unless you really meet all the requirements for one. “Home businesses” have higher requirements to adhere to, so you don’t want to be classified as one unless you truly are.

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