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Sandgarden Law Group icon-smBusiness Law for Small and Medium Businesses

SandGarden Law Group works closely with small businesses, building a relationship to provide trusted advice from formation, through growth and day-to-day legal questions. We will help you navigate regulations, protect your intellectual property, and help you create a better business infrastructure so that you can grow and thrive.

  • Help understanding and creating the right type of business entity (such as LLC’s or corporations).
  • Help you choose and use all the right contracts, and provide ongoing advice for contract questions.
  • Protect intellectual property with Trademark and Copyright help.
  • Advise on State and Federal Requirements, including help with regulations for your specific industry type.
  • Help creating the right business relationships with customers and contractors, and supporting those relationships with the right contracts.
  • Help with all the common daily legal questions your business faces.

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Industry Specific Business Services

SandGarden Law Group has developed additional resources and services beyond general business law for several different industries.

Integrated Medicine Providers

SandGarden Law Group understands that integrated medicine businesses have unique legal challenges and requirements.  Your training as a healer may not have provided you with all the information you would like to feel confident as a small business owner.    Here are a few of the concerns that integrated medicine providers have brought to us:

  • Have I missed any important regulatory requirements from the California Boards, California Codes, or the FDA?
  • What can I do to reduce the risk and liabilities of a medical business?  How can I protect my personal assets?
  • How do my licensing requirements as an integrated medicine provider affect my business practices, such as advertising, contracts, or business entity type?
  • Can I protect my innovative health care services with Intellectual Property rights such as trademarks?

SandGarden Law Group can be your single legal expert, providing you with help both as a small business owner and also as a regulated professional.  Whether you are an acupuncturist with a small office, a new chiropractor who would like to buy into an existing practice, or any other integrated medicine provider with a business concern, SandGarden can help you navigate the requirements of your profession and the needs of your business.
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Creative Content Providers

New Media Companies are booming in the Bay Area.  Whether your expertise is in the Video Game industry, Web Design services, Video and Media producers, or other creative content services, you face a number of challenging legal issues in your rapidly developing field.  SandGarden Law Group has experience and focus in helping your business deal with legal challenges in your industry, such as:

  • Navigating licensing issues and software as a service development
  • Finding the right balance of protections in Work for Hire between service provider and client
  • Protecting the ownership rights of your content, and helping you avoid infringement on other’s rights.
  • Structuring services to keep your clients happy without overburdening your service capacity.

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Technical Consulting Services – More info coming soon!