SandGarden Law Attorney Bio

Attorney Jennifer Pesek, founder of SandGarden Law Group, is a graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law and a small business entrepreneur. She’s worked as a private lawyer and in the non-profit sector since 2001.

Jennifer started her own law firm because she believes that professional legal expertise needs to be more accessible to small business owners and families.  SandGarden was created as a new model of legal services, centered on good communication, innovative fee structures, education and client empowerment, and collaborative relationships with her clients.

Ms. Pesek has worked extensively at the community level providing training and education on a variety of topics with the American Bar Association, California State Bar, the Santa Clara County Bar Association, SCORE, the California Association of the Deaf, ALDA, and the California State Judicial Council.

She has also spearheaded several extensive advocacy programs designed to help small business owners understand the Americans with Disabilities Act and to find cost-effective implementation best practices. Jennifer has worked as part of a litigation team on cases at the federal level, as well as various alternative dispute resolution proceedings. She has been both a team member and lead advocate in negotiations with governmental agencies as well as large national corporations.

The SandGarden Law Philosophy

SandGarden Law Group believes that diversity and individuality are assets, not liabilities. That’s why SandGarden isn’t content with our expertise in general areas of law. We have taken the time and energy to add expertise in legal areas and for legal clients that other law firms don’t value highly enough.

These are just a few areas in which SandGarden excels. We believe strongly that your unique legal needs are important, and SandGarden is proud to offer the expertise to exceptionally serve many diverse and uncommon areas of law.